Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Are you more...?
Are you more...

01) Fast-paced big-city life or slower-paced small-town life? Definitely slower-paced small-town life. I don't like traffic or big crowds so there you go.
02) A location chooser based on your job(s) or a location chooser based on proximity to friends and family? Friends and family. I want to be near my mommy and daddy!
03) Fan of the allen key (hexagon-head) or hater of the allen key? Um...why would I even KNOW what that is?
04) Someone who loves futons or someone who prefers more traditional couches and beds? Give me a "normal" bed and couch any day.
05) Grateful that winter is gone or anxious for summer to hurry up and get here? Anxious for spring, actually.
06) Grilled cheese sandwich with ham and tomato or just a grilled cheese sandwich? Ham and tomato on a grilled cheese?? Then that wouldn't BE a grilled'd be a ham and cheese melt or something...
07) Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul? SIMON!!
08) A tiger or a bear? Bear
09) Believing that politicians make the world a better place or believing that the common man makes the world a better place? Common man.
10) Driven by your loins or driven by your stomach? heh, heh...stomach. Just ask my husband.
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  • At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Cathy said…

    If you've ever had to assemble a piece of furniture you've used an Allen Wrench. It looks like a small piece of metal shaped in an L-shape.

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