Tuesday, February 27, 2007
AI-Top 10 boys night
Well, let's hope tonight is better than last week!!

Each singer has been asked to dedicate their performance to someone special.

Phil Stacey dedicated to his naval base or something..I kinda missed it. He's singing "Missing You." A song from back in the day, Tara. I liked Phil back during his audition and last week, but tonight, not so much. His pointy ears are distracting. (I know that has nothing to do with his singing.) He did ok with that song. Not a powerhouse performance, but it was ok. The so-called "big notes" were pretty good. I have to agree with Simon. He's very likeable just not "unique."

Ryan asked Sundance what people told him after last week. He said, "They pretty much told me not to be crappy." Now that was funny!

Jared Cotter sings Marvin Gaye, "Let's Get It On." Dedicated to his mom and dad who encouraged him to go to the audition. Boy is kinda purty. Some major eyebrows going on. I guess the girls just spoiled me last week, but this is just kinda blah. Nothing great. He's just good. Simon won't be impressed, I think. Simon calls it "Love Boat."

AJ Tabaldo dedicates to his parents. He's singing...a song I don't know, of course. I don't like him, however, he is doing the best of the night so far. That's not saying much. I can't stand names like AJ, RJ, TJ..etc. Not on Idol, anyway. It's weird. Anyway, his singing was better than last week and it was a pretty good song. Simon actually kind of liked him.

Sanjaya Malakar dedicates to his grandfather. He sings...something jazzy and old. This kid has got to go. Song choice, boo. Performance, boo. This is something he would sing at a high school choir show. (say hello to this year's chicken little) Not good. (by the way, I said the high school thing before Randy did.)The scary thing about Sanjaya is..he sounds and acts a little like Michael Jackson. Tres creepy.

Chris Sligh dedicates to his wife Sarah. Whoa..his wife is pretty hot..not what you expect. His hair is kinda poofy tonight. Chris sings "Trouble." He won't be able to do it like Taylor did last year, that's all I have to say. This song is WAAAAAY too soulful for his voice. Once again, he did ok. Nothing great. Kinda blah. At least he didn't try to be hilarious this week or talk back to Simon.

Nick Pedro dedicates to his girlfriend, Kaitlyn and he's singing "Fever." Not a bad voice, just kinda boring. Not much else to say.

Blake Lewis dedicates to his parents. Blake looks like a complete dork in that hat. He sings "Virtual Insanity." Perfect song for his voice. Best of the night even with the beat boxing/scratching that was completely unnecessary and it is getting old.

God, Paula and Randy need to shut up and leave Simon alone. I hate that they are allowed to not like someone, but the first second Simon voices his opinion, they freak out. I HATE this show so much! But I love it. :)

Brandon Rogers dedicates to his grandmother. He sings "Time After Time." He really should have gone with something up tempo. His voice sounds good though it was pretty boring. Like Simon says, he needs to make a WOW impact. That is exactly right.

Simon is so funny. He is right, though, just sing!

Chris Richardson dedicates to his grandma. He's singing "Geek In the Pink." Pretty good. At least it's upbeat. Not much else to say, really. Randy..huh? He thought it was better than the original?? Mmkay.

Sundance Head dedicates to his son Levi. He sings "Ride Sally Ride." He is much more in his element and doesn't look like he is about to pass out. Much much better, Sundance. A fun performance, probably not his best, but wow what an improvement!

Overall, a much better night than last week. The girls will bring it tomorrow, I'm sure.

My bottom 2: SANJAYA and SANJAYA...but, since he isn't going anywhere (I don't think), I'll go with Nick Pedro and Brandon Rogers only because they were so boring.


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  • At 1:27 PM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Phil - Bald, boring, blah...
    Jared - Can sing, but boring and blah
    AJ - Should have sung in drag
    Sanjaya - A little boy among me... errr... boys
    Chris - Jack Osboune double - only one who is even remotely intersting
    Nick - If he could drop his singing an octive or two could have potential.. as is, sounds like Mike Tyson when he sings
    Blake - The beatboxing is the only intersting part of his act. when it dies, so does his chances
    Brandon - Likable but boring
    Chris2.0 - K-fed wannabe?
    Sundance - VFTW choice on the guys side- for a reason

    I'm bored.

  • At 3:09 PM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said…

    I would have a hard job reviewing those!

  • At 3:51 PM, Blogger Bob Gentry said…

    gawd..the guys really suck this year. If it were up to me, i'd have the Top 12 be 10 girls and *maybe* 2 guys. I can't wait until they all have to sing songs that are "themed"...NONE know how to pick a good song. Bleh...i just got back in town and skimmed through it all on the DVR...i'm glad i got to Fast Forward though most of it. After next week I'll give my guesses for the top 12 :)

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