Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Long time no blog
I hate it when bloggers spend a bunch of time apologizing for not blogging much lately so that's exactly what I am doing now. Because, you know, I am not one of those elite bloggers who blog perfect posts each and every day that never ever suck. Anway, Here's what's been up...

  • My jaw is still not opening all the way, though I can eat a sandwich IF it is fairly flat. I can brush all of my teeth now, too. Yay me for being halitosis-free. A second dentist had a look-see at my jaw and he gave the condition a name. Trismus, which is what I had already figured out on my own. He thinks it was caused by the injection I had when I had my last fillings done. This, I had already figured out on my own as well. He manipulated my jaw a bit and the next day I could open it much better. Basically, it's still a wait and see kind of thing. If it doesn't get any better, I will see a specialist. I don't really wanna, so right now, I am living with the limitations.
  • No, I have not heard anything from The Biggest Loser. I didn't expect to, but it's still kind of a bummer, you know? There's a new host for the show for the upcoming season, too. No more Caroline Rahe...Ray...whatever... to ponder over with her bad fashion choices.
  • We had a blizzard the day before Valentine's Day. It's melting now. You've all seen snow before now move along.
  • Speaking of Valentine's Day, all y'all who thought about/posted about how much you hate it and how we should "show love every day of the year not just when Hallmark tells me to" well, I just say, Bah, humbug to you! It's a simple holiday that gives us an excuse to devour loads of chocolate! What is wrong with that?? Personally, I'll take any reason to give or receive pretty cards and yummy candy. (Cristie, I will let you slide on this one. Only because I love you already.)
  • We ripped out old nasty stained nasty gross nasty carpet and got brand new clean fresh clean new carpet!! I love it so much I would have stripped naked and rolled around on it. If that weren't gross. Yeah.
  • We also painted the two rooms that got new carpet.
  • By "we" I mean Bubba.
  • The little ones got new bunk beds. No one has broken bones yet.
  • Yet.
  • Brianna got all A's again. She rocks.
  • The 11 pounds I lost from not being able to eat? Um yeah, well, I haven't officially gotten on the scales, but I am almost positive they found their way back to their families of fat on my body.
  • It's way late and I've now forgotten all the other things I was gonna bullet post.
  • Lucky you.

For shizz and giggles, here are a few photos to entertain you...

The bunk beds.

The bench toybox that Bubba painted with chalkboard paint.

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  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger Ty said…

    Just came across your blog today, wanted to say hello.

    My daughter has been having problems with her jaw but it's related to her having braces or something. But it sounds a lot like what you may have.

    Take care!

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger Blueyes said…

    Hey at least you got the bar up alongside the top bunk. My bunk beds were where the bottom bunk made like a T shape and I rolled right on top of my sisters legs one night. Good times NOT You never heard anybody scream so loud.

  • At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Nicole said…

    I absolutely love reading your blog, so it was nice to see you back. I hope you feel better soon and I'm glad you're "slightly" back! :)

  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Mari said…

    Your berber photo is cool!!

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