Tuesday, February 20, 2007
I can't help myself...
Ok, guys, if you hate American Idol, I'm sorry...but I just can't NOT blog about Idol. I just like to look back at my posts as the season goes on. Tonight is the first night of Top 24 competition. It's the boys' night to sing.

First up is...

Rudy Cardenas sings Free Ride. This guy reminds me of someone but I can't think of who. Clay Aiken? I don't know. This guy is forgettable. He had lots of energy, but he is not my favorite. Kinda cruise-shippy.

Brandon Rogers sings Rock With You. He has a nice smooth voice, has a good stage presence and is very good looking. He did well, but he didn't shine. I like him better than the first guy.

Sundance Head sings Knights in White Satin. Oh my. Not good. His audition must have been a fluke. I'm sad because I thought he might end up being my favorite. Nope. He was all over the place on a song he should have never chose to sing!

Paul Kim sings Careless Whisper. This guy sings barefoot and that gets on my nerves. It's a gimmick that is just...silly. BAD song choice. Started way too low and then hit a BAD high note! I liked his auditions, but this was pretty bad. If he stays, I hope he gets better.

Chris Richardson sings I Don't Wanna Be. Not bad. He's got a Justin Timberlake feel to him. He's bouncing up and down too much. His performance was fun, though not the best singing-wise. His dad was funny in the audience.

Nick Pedro sings I Will Be Your Man. Soooo slow....It's ok. He's singing safe. He was boring though he sang one high note well. What the heck is with the song choices tonight????

Blake Lewis sings a song I can't remember the name of. It's slow. Pretty boring. He did ok. Nothing spectacular. He didn't ruin the song with beat boxing, thank goodness!

Sanjaya Malakar sings another song I don't know. Slow. Boring. Not very good. Off key. Next!

Chris Sligh sings Typical? Was that the song title? I don't know. He rushed the song but it was ok. Not stellar, but he's fun. The song didn't showcase his voice at all.

Ok, I liked Chris Sligh in the beginning, but he just lost tons of points with me. I HATE when the singers "talk back" to Simon. HATE. Sing, take your criticism and get off the stage.

Jarrod Cotter sings Back At One. Not bad. Stage presence is pretty good. Not a bad song for his voice, though boring. Sounded too close to the original song. He is a good looking man, for sure.

AJ Tabaldo sings no idea. He was energetic, but very forgettable. I didn't like his audition so I'm already not a fan.

Phil Stacey sings I Could Not Ask For More. That started kinda poorly but it got MUCH better! One of the best of the night. Still, he didn't blow me away.

*sigh* The boys pretty much sucked. Hope the girls do better tomorrow.

And with that, I am out.


posted by Angie @ 7:58 PM  
  • At 9:31 AM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Like I said... Craptacular!

    Actually... I probably shouldn't have used the exclamation point... It really wasn't that exciting.

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