Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Top 24--girls' night
Here's hoping the girls do better tonight! I'm not really expecting anything, but maybe there will be a surprise

Stephanie Edwards sings a song I don't know. She's very pretty. Dressed nicely as opposed to the guys last night who looked pretty slobby. She's a little breathy but she sounds a little like Beyonce only less shrill. Simon says it was a million times better than the guys last night. He's right. Stephanie is playing (singing) to win! Definitely one to watch.

Amy Krebs sings I Can't Make You Love Me. She has a nice voice but it was just boring. She tried to add some weird runs in the song as Randy said. Still, she was better than most of the guys last night. Just forgettable.

Leslie Hunt sings You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman. It was ok. She has a good voice, but there is just something about her. Something I can't place...Maybe it was just the wrong song. Not the best, but I'll say it again, better than the guys.

Sabrina Sloan sings something I don't know. She spunky. Not the best vocals, but she might improve over time. She got a tad screechy at times. Not as good as Stephanie, but pretty good. All the judges loved her.

Antonella Barba sings I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Hmm..I'm not that impressed. She's ok. She was flat. She was stiff. Probably the worst of the night even though it wasn't positively horrible. Stephanie blows her away for sure.

Jordin Sparks sings Give Me One Reason. Girl got pipes! Maybe not the best song, but I really like her and I usually don't like the young girls. She can kick some butt in this competition if she chooses the right songs from now on! Love her.

Nicole Tranquillo sings don't know what this song is. Oh my. The beginning of this song was just...weird. I'm sure she can sing, but not that song. I didn't like it much at all.

Haley Scarnato sings It's All Coming Back To Me Now. She did ok on the Celine song, but it was a tad too theater-ish. Quite boring. Nothing spectacular. Others were much better.

Melinda Doolittle sings an Aretha song I don't know. Wow! HUGE voice from a small girl! She is great and should go far!!

Yay for the women!!! The guys should be embarrassed!

Alaina Alexander sings Brass In Pocket. I'm not feeling it. She just wasn't good. I don't think she'll go far at all.

Gina Glocksen sings All By Myself. Bad song choice, but she can sing. Such a sloooowww song. I like her, though. I hope she stays a while just so we can see what she can do.

Lakisha Jones sings You're Gonna Love Me. Another one with some pipes!! She was AWESOME!! Go girl!!

I am so happy the ladies did a great job overall. They guys should just go home now. Hey TARA, tomorrow will be the first GTHOTS of the season!!

I'm out.
posted by Angie @ 8:06 PM  
  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger Christine Hingray said…

    Go Lakisha! She is my favorite!

    (I landed here from surfing blogmad)

  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger Bob Gentry said…

    yeah..the girls take it this year!

    the guys were THE WORST the night before...MAYBE 1 or 2 were just OK but the girls rocked it!
    always good to read your Idol Thoughts! I've missed them ;)

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