Tuesday, May 08, 2007
What is this, "make the bed" of which you speak??
Back in February, after the "New Carpet of 2007", the kids got new bunk beds. And when I say kids, I mean the two youngest because Brianna no longer counts. (kidding) Anyway, ever since then, they've just used mismatched sheets and pillow cases and whatever blanket they attached themselves to for that day. Finally, we got them proper bedding and I think I am more excited about it than they are. K-mart (yes, we still shop there, especially when they have good stuff in their ad--so shut it) had kids' character bedding on sale a couple of weeks ago. Now, I usually balk at character stuff because it gets old really fast, but I made an exception because, well, CHEAP! And K-mart still has LAYAWAY. (Wal-mart and I STILL have issues since they got rid of layaway. We're currently in group counselling for that..but, you know, whole other post. No layaway is also the reason why Target and I have never formed a lasting relationship.)

Bubba took the kids to pick out said bedding. Braelyn ended up with "That's So Raven" which is actually VERY pretty and doesn't have a gigantic head-shot of Raven Simone splashed across the comforter. Jameson, being the total boy that he is, got Batman.

Because I know you are dying to see them, here you go.

Braelyn's new bedding


Now, here is where the story gets good because it will give you and insight into my/our parenting skills and my domestic abilities.

I got home yesterday and the kids are super excited because Daddy put their new sheets and stuff on their beds. I told them that now, they'd have to make their beds every day since they have such nice sheets and comforters. Then Braelyn says to me with an extreme look of puzzlement on her face...

"Make our beds? Make? What does that mean?"

Awesome. We ROCK at teaching domestic chores!

In my defense, I never had to make my bed. Is that a valid defense? My mom was the housework General when it came to everything else, but we never had to make our beds. We just shut our bedroom door. :) When Bubba and I first got married, in our first house and then our apartment, we made our bed sometimes, but now, we NEVER make our bed. If you walk past our bedroom, you can't see our bed anyway, so if we can live with the mess, why bother?

Go ahead, comment away. I KNOW that most of you have perfect homes with perfectly made beds every day. Make fun of me at will.

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posted by Angie @ 12:00 PM  
  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger momsgoneloony said…

    My kidz have no concept of making beds either...and I must confess...more often than not..I just "straighten" the bed up before hubby and I crawl in...

  • At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    making the bed?? what's that?

    i only make the bed when we wash the sheets,, other than that,, it is what it is.

  • At 10:31 AM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Why make it when you are just gonna mess it up all over again????

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