Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Random shizz
Is it Friday yet?

I'm getting a headache.

Idol was quite boring last night. Melinda or Jordin should win. I like it when Simon is in a good smiley mood. He was kind of like that last night, except for once I didn't really agree with his opinions. Who cares, though?

My husband totally rocks the crockpot chicken cooking. Left-overs rule!

I have to pee, but the bathroom is like, WAY over there. I have to turn left twice AND then make a right! Not worth it.

Never start a diet life style change when you are getting ready to/have started/are within 28 days of starting your monthly visit from Aunt Bitch. Just sayin'.

Recent question from my 4 year-old. "Mommy. When somebody has a baby in she's belly, when she eats food, does the baby get dirty?" And then I died from cuteness overload.

Note to self: Save money to buy Bubba his OWN mp3 player. The crap on our shared one is, at times, scary. We used to kind of like the same stuff. Yeah, not so much anymore.

TV NEWS Big news for ME. Friday Night Lights was picked up again for next season!! Seriously, this made me do the Balki/Cousin Larry dance of joy!! Lost, DH and Grey's are all jealous because of my love for FNL. Give me Coach and Mrs. Taylor, Landry, Matt Saracen, Riggins, and even gross and creepy Buddy Garrity ANY day over...wait for it...McDreamy, Wisteria Lane and even..well, ok, maybe NOT Lost and all the yummy Sawyer that goes with it.

Oh, speaking of "wait for it..." I loved the way How I Met Your Mother ended for the season. I am SOOO flippin happy that Robin and Ted broke up. They were on my last nerve with their commplete lack of chemistry. Plus, we already know the "mother" is not Robin, so move along. Barney: "It will be legend..wait for it..." fade to black. I love Barney aka Swarley!

Big Brother is coming!!! July. I am so there.

Survivor China should be interesting. (I'm glad Earl won this past week. If not Yau, then Earl was ok.)

Is that Pirate reality show going to be cheesy? Probably. Will I watch. Probably. I live for cheesy tv.

Mmmm..cheese. I'm hungry.
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  • At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Gripping stuff here

  • At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Tara said…

    Did you say Big Brother? You did didn't you!!!!

    don't watch Friday night lights. Never saw it. Maybe I will blockbuster it once it's out on dvd.

    am away at Stacey's in Florida.

    btw, crockpot chicken RULES! Love it. Gotta get Bubba the crockpot cookbook my hubby bought me. Hmm,, forget what it's called. Will look when I'm home. Good stuff.

    speaking of shows getting picked up for next year,, I have to check and see if Scrubs got picked up.

  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    so were you shocked when Melinda got the boot?
    i still like Lakisha...i wish she would have made the finals ;)

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