Sunday, October 28, 2007
It's Sunday and I need a new post. This is what you get.
  • My husband bought me some breakfast lean pockets this morning. They are yummy and it is a change from my usual yogurt, banana, english muffin breakfast. They are only 3 points. Kind of small and I could really eat all four in the box which would only be 12 points. That's not TOO bad considering how many points I get per day. Anyway...they are really good.
  • Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry's building lost water pressure in their showers? So then, Jerry and Kramer's hair looked bad because of it. Yeah, that's us right now. We've lost water pressure in the shower and I hate it! We've got to find the problem and fix it. SO not fulfilling. As showers go, anyway.
  • The Colts play today. Yay! Go Colts! I think I might manage to stay awake for the 1pm game as opposed to the night game they played the other day which I slept all the way through. I am so old.
  • I need to go take some meds for this headache. I had one last night, too. Ugh.
  • I'm watching "WarGames." I heart nostalgia. I took a little break. A few hours or so. :) Since I was here last, the Colts won! Yee ha! I loves my Colts! I find Peyton a little more HAWT every time I watch a game. But then again, who DON'T I find hot?

I figured out our new scanner today so I scanned some old photos and flickr'd 'em. Click the flickr button over there on the side bar if you wanna see.

I FEEL thinner. Like I've lost some inches. I HOPE I have. I really need to start my workouts, though, to get my metabolism going. It's the only way I will be successful at any kind of weight loss. Speaking of which, Brianna has lost 5.8 lbs now. She rocks!

I'll be on vacation starting next Friday after work. Don't go congratulating me or anything. Bubba will be out of town. Who is going to cook?!?! Who will do the laundry?!?! Who will do all those wifely-ish things?? Some vacation. Heh, that's what my Charlotte's web would say instead of "some pig." God, I crack myself up.

Could this post get anymore...NOTHING? I think not.

Ok, I think I'll leave you with a photo of a Halloween from my past. I am pretty sure this photo is from when I was in pre-school, making it from about 1975. Too bad you can't see how cute I was. hee Enjoy!

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posted by Angie @ 10:55 AM  
  • At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    What is it with our mom's and halloweens past where you can't even tell it's us!!!!!

    I have a photo that's the same type of thing,, me dressed as a witch but you can't even tell it's me.

    Grey's,, I agree with you,, I heart George soo much but not really sure I like the George and Izzy thing. Karev,, he's always had his ups and downs with me. I like the McDreamy and McSteamy friendship,, they play nicely together.

  • At 2:38 AM, Blogger Jackie said…

    Great mask you had, scares me as an adult LOL

    Lucky water pressure is your only problem we tend to either have electricty off for hours on end or water switched off with no warnings. Normally of course on the coldest days :(

  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger Jose said…

    Oh wow! Fiuuu, fiuuu. Who's that foxy green faced chick holding a paper bag.

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