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This isn't a great photo but it has a little story.

We went to the Indianapolis Zoo on Sunday. Next to the zoo is White River Gardens. There are beautiful gardens there to walk through. In the building adjacent to the gardens was a room which looked as if it were for wedding receptions and such.

Jameson said, "Mommy!! Come here!" He practically dragged me into that room and pointed out this window and said, "Look! That's where the Colts play!" I acted excited, surprised and impressed. He was proud to be able to show me.

But then I saw this look of realization come over his face and he said, "Is Peyton Manning in this world?!?" (meaning in this city where we are) I said, "Yep. He's in there RIGHT NOW!" (there WAS a game that day)

I think I could have scraped his jaw off the floor. It was like he just realized that Peyton was REAL and practically in the same room as him.

(The photo? It's bad because there were blinds over the windows and neither Brianna nor I could figure out how to get it raised.)Click the picture to see it bigger.

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