Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Big Brother is nearly over and this will be my first post about it!
Alright...I gotta talk about Big Brother. I've held out long enough. Last year, I talked SO dang much about it, I almost (ALMOST) drove myself crazy. It's feast or famine around here, I swear.

First, I have to tell you what I thought after the 1st show. I actually did live blog it, but didn't post. It's kind of funny how things change so quickly. My thoughts from then, pretty much do not reflect my thoughts NOW.

So, here are my initial, gut first impressions as written on the night of the first show this season.

Jessica is a student and a cheerleader. She has an annoying voice and that in and of itself is enough for me to not like her. (kind of like Holly from a few years back.) She is little and cutesy and looks like she will always be "made up." Kind of like Janelle, only annoying. HATE.

Nick is a former pro football player. With what team? Why former? How frickin' HUGE are his shoulders?? Makes his head look teeny tiny. I can't tell for sure, but I may not like him. I'll let you know.

Eric is a talent management assistant. Sounds positively lackey-ish. I didn't get much vibe from him. Reminds me of Rob C from Survivor in some ways.

Daniele is, well, I missed what she does. Not much of an impression yet. She's skinny..very skinny and resembles Anna Nicole Smith.

Dick is a bar manager who looks like Tommy Lee, only not as skinny. He seems...dirty. Like he perpetually needs a shower. I MAY end up hating this guy. I'll let you know.

Jen is a nanny with big boobs. AND? She said "like" about 50 times in a 30 second span. Like, Jen, I, like, can't stand you, like, already.

Mike is a painting contractor. He made NO impression on me whatsoever. *yawn*

Kail is a business owner from Oregon. Why do I know this? Because she said, "I am a multi-business owner" in some way shape or form about 10 times during the one hour show. Ok, Kail, we got it. Any other time, that would make me hate her, but I kind of like her. Problem is, she made a point of bringing her Bible AND? She doesn't care for the gays...well, their lifestyle, I guess. Now all that wouldn't bother me so much, but in the BB house it usually spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. (thank you, Travis Tritt for helping me spell that word.) Oh, also, Kail is 38. That is positively ANCIENT in BB years, but she has the advantage of being pretty good looking, so maybe she won't be the first to go.

Joe is a loud and obnoxious flamboyantly gay receptionist in a hair salon for kids. This guy was on mah nerves from the first minute. By the end of the show, I was chanting his name wanting him to be the first to go. HATE.

Carol is a student and a senator's daughter. I kinda like her.

Amber is a cocktail waitress and a single mom. She also has very thin eyebrows. Don't know yet if I like her.

Zach is a graphic designer and is a giant. In the "little room" he towers over everything. He also has frightening arched eyebrows. I like him so far.

Dustin is a shoe salesman and is not quite as flamboyant as Joe. Like him.

Jameka is a school counselor. Not much else to say, but I like her.

Hmm...kinda harsh, no? I'm especially proud of all the physical things that I picked on to make me not like some of them. Yeah, I guess I AM shallow when it comes to my reality tv watching.

Ok, so now, wanna know my thoughts after all these weeks have passed? Now, mind you, I have the live feeds. I watch. I read recaps. I read forums. So, I base my now thoughts on all of that. Not just the edited for tv version of the show.

Jessica: She was pretty non-existant on the feeds until after Carol left. She grew on me and I liked her for quite a while. Her relationship with Eric was cute and somewhat endearing. A "flirt-mance" more than anything. HOWEVER, lately, she's been mean and petty when really she hasn't needed to be so she is kinda low on my like list.

Nick: I liked him for the first few days. Then, he attached himself to Daniele and ALL they EVER did was lay in bed and whisper. HATE. Glad he is gone.

Eric: He drove me a little batty at first with his non-stop talking and the way he sounded like Woody Allen. And? The collars! He insisted on always having his collar up and that just drove me to the brink of insanity. He cooled it with the collars for the most part. He was fun to watch as he tried to follow instructions from "America." And, as I said before, he and Jessica were cute. THEN...he aligned himself with Dick. 'Nuff said. He is near the bottom of my like list.

Daniele: I can NOT stand her. The end. P.S She whines constantly. P.P.S. Will someone snatch that dang bandana from her and burn it? Thanks.

Dick: Dirty, vile, foul-mouthed, nasty, sort of misogynistic (toward Jen and Kail, anyway), disgusting...and one who brings out so much hatred in me at every turn that I can barely watch a segment of show with him in it. No other stranger, aside from Constantine on AI, has ever brought out the hate as much as Dick. The names he has called Jen have been way out of line and no matter what Jen has said or done, (which has been nearly nothing)it's nothing compared to the crap spewing from Dick. I call bullsh** on it being all strategy. Can. Not. Stand. Him.

Jen: Girl grew on me. Seriously, I started out REALLY disliking her for no real reason besides the fact that she says "like" all the time. I also kinda thought she was a snob after that whole, "I don't want Dick to touch me thing." HA. I completely agree with her now. I gained much respect for her after watching her take the crap Dick was dishing out with hardly a reaction. You go girl! She's being shunned AGAIN this week, by Dick and the others, for reasons I shall not reveal (unless you ask me to). I still like her and want her to win, but I am pretty sure she is gone this week.

Mike: I didn't really have a reason to dislike him. He just never spoke. It was not even noticeable when he left the house.

Kail: I liked her a lot. Poor thing got the first HOH and that started the ball rolling downhill. Dick picked on her. She TRIED to play the game. She just wasn't very good at it.

Joe: He always grated on my nerves and I was happy when he got evicted. Plus, that whole gonnorrhea thing. Weirdo.

Carol: Carol wasn't there long enough, but I liked her ok. At the time, I liked her better than Jessica.

Amber: You know, I have gone all over the place with Amber. From not liking her to liking her a lot to being pretty much indifferent. Right now, I like her. Yes, she cries. A LOT. Yes, she is pretty much crazy. But she means well. She's one of the top 3 on my like list. Call me crazy.

Zach: I've always liked him. I felt sorry for him when NOBODY would speak to him. He's got a cool goofiness about him that makes me want him for my friend. Sure, he's a floater. Who cares? Whatever helps you through the game, right? I like him. He's in my top 3. I just wish he would NOT align with Evel Dick.

Dustin: I liked Dustin. He played the game hard and pretty well. His one fatal mistake? Offering to be a pawn. NEVER offer yourself as a pawn. I was sad to see him go.

Jameka: She's my favorite. I believe her faith is real and that Dick is a...dick..for trying to pick on her about her Chrisitianity. She's not REAL good at playing the game, but I like her a lot. She's been played a LOT so she's a tad bitter. Who wouldn't be? She's loyal and I like that.

So, there you have it. At this point, I actually wouldn't mind if Jameka, Zach or Amber won. But, you wanna know what will happen??? The final 2 will be Dick and Dani. And Dick will play Wonder Daddy and beg everyone to vote for his precious little girl. Boo hoo and all that jazz. Gag me.

Man, I love this show!


posted by Angie @ 8:05 PM  
  • At 9:40 PM, Blogger Melony Louise said…

    I've loved Zach since he tried to tell everybody that when you go to an anime convention it's a big like ... perverted orgy fest or however he put it. It made me quite literally rofl and yeah.

    But God damn do I wish Amber would shut up about her VISION OF WINNING THAT GOD SENT HER. God, if I was in that house with her, I've stabbed her the first time she said it (aren't I a sweetheart?)

    I hate that Dick spits all the time (my mom watches the After Dark thing too), but I love his way in this house of "things aren't going my way? Hahaha ... it sucks to be you, then." I just can't help but to really, really like him for that, haha.

  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Ty said…

    Ok, please spill all the extra things you know about! I love this show but don't subscribe to the feeds, though I do try and lurk around forums to get the dish.

    I agree that it will probably be Dani and Dick in the final 2-I don't like either one of them either.

    I didn't like Jen at first but now I admire her for the competitor that she is.

    Amber cries way too much, I find myself wanting her to go because of that.

  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said…

    Fortunately, Big Brother is nearly over in Britain, with it ending on the 31st.

  • At 11:06 PM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Sorry, but BB8 is as worthless as tits on a boar hog!!! I haven't watched since season 5 and I can't say that I miss it.
    The producers turned it into a T&A parade of women and an ab contest for guys...everyone under 30. When that didn't work for ratings, they have apparently thrown in the person you most hate and put them in the house. Two gays fussing over there's some family entertainment. Maybe Kail should have called the Gideons and they could have put Bibles on every bed.

  • At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Joyce said…

    Hey girl... it's your ol' pal, Joyce!! LTNT, eh?

    I agreed with you about 90-95% on initial impressions, but DISAGREED about 75-80% on long-term impressions. Funny, huh?

    I, too, LOVE this show, and am TOTALLY addicted!!!

    I think you said you read morty's. I've been updating on there a lot. Have you seen me? I use my actual name.

    Looking forward to the new AI season? I am!!

  • At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Joyce said…

    Oh, and hi, Driller! For someone who hates BB, you seem to know a lot about this season's goings-on!! hehe

  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Hey Joyce...just shows you that you can learn everything about BB by watching the weekly promos. Seriously, I haven't watched more than 15 minutes of the entire season.
    Of course my hearing isn't what it used to be and all the whispering is really annoying.
    See ya at Slims Place in January!!!

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Maybe they should include subtitling for the hearing challenged.

  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger Present Storm said…

    Wow we are totally opposites this year on who we like... It is always so interesting to hear what others are thinking about the show though.

  • At 11:52 AM, Anonymous guppyman said…


    Dick & Danielle final 2!!!!

    Can't wait!

    WAAAAhhhhhmber & Dusted & Jenital Herpes and the rest all left in the dust.....

    And Jedi Janie on TV tonight??? Who can beat that?

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