Saturday, July 23, 2005
Do you play with your pickle??
Guard Girl says thanks for the good luck wishes and the congrats. They won again last night. By just a few tenths of a point so they will have to stay on their toes to stay on top. It was slightly less hot last night, but not by much. We were all still sweaty and sticky. Ugh. Tonight is the last competition of the week. The heat index is supposed to be pretty bad today so tonight should be another miserable one for the kids and spectators.

Hey, Dawn N, I got your flickr invite, I just haven't had time to do anything about it. I will join up as soon as I get a few extra minutes.

Not much going on besides watching bands march around.

Tater called jello "lemonade pudding."

Going to the band contests again reminded me and Guard Girl of State Fair last year. After the win and after getting back to the school, we decided to go to IHOP. This was at 2 in the morning, mind you so we were all a little tired and loopy. We ate and were just sitting there talking and the waitress came up to take plates away. Bubba's plate still had a pickle on it and she started to take it away and she said, "Do you want me to take your plate or are you still playing with your pickle?" He had her take it and we all busted out laughing. It was one of those times where I laughed so hard I couldn't stop. Just when I would think I was done laughing, I would just start laughing again.

Playing with your pickle. Still an inside joke to this day.

Gotta run...laundry and stuff to do before going to the contest tonight.

You're welcome. No pictures in this post. :)
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