Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Another Taterism
Sorry to be all "isn't-that-just-the-cutest-thing" on you all, but I have just one more little story. (Does this make me a mommy blogger??)

Last night, Guard Girl was at, what else? Band/Guard practice. (The first competition is Thursday.) They got rained on so she was soaked and she called me to bring her some dry shoes and socks and a shirt. So, me and Tater and Baby J went over to the school to deliver the goods. We stayed to watch them practice a little, and we got rained on, too. So much for the dry stuff for GG. Anyway, since it was raining, I finally convinced the kids to go back to the van. On the way, we had to pass the concession stand. TT started begging for Skittles and I told her no. She kept asking and I kept saying no. The last time she asked, I told her that I didn't bring any money with me. Then Tater says, in most excellent exasperated tone, "Just forget about the money and get me some skittles!" Gotta love the logic. She didn't get skittles. She promptly crossed her arms, stamped her feet and scowled as me and Baby J went to the van. And then? Little precious took off running back to where the band was. Yeah, she got threatened with "I'm telling daddy when we get home!" She was shaking in her shoes. If you believe that, well, there's this bridge I need to sell....
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  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger Scully said…

    I need her at the office. Seriously. I'm sure she could whip these accountants into shape.

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