Sunday, July 10, 2005
Did I Forget to talk about Big Brother??
I did! I must let you in on my thoughts because, well, I know you all are dying to know. Ok, who watched? Show of hands. I've been avoiding other bloggers opinions until I had a chance to voice mine

First, I don't know if I like the 2 story house this time. Not sure if it will really make a difference in the long run. I am happy they got a real sized pool this time. What was up, in years past, with those little bitty pools?

Not enough beds for everyone. Sleeping bags only for some. All in one room. That should be fun.

The cast.
April -- I like her ok, so far. She's 30 so I am all for the "older" ones making it. She likes Dave Matthews Band, too. :) She's a newlywed so that will come into play...will add the tears factor at some point because she will be missing her new hubby.

Ashlea -- No, that is not pronounced like Ashley. It's Ash-leah. Le-uh. Get it? K. I don't like her much. Know why? She cried already. She got nominated for eviction and she cried already. Come on, chick! Have you never watched an episode of Big Brother before?? She's only 22, granted, but still.

Beau -- He hasn't rubbed me the wrong way, yet. He is quite flamboyant, though I don't think he has come out and said he is gay. Or did he? I need to watch it again..I dvr'd it. He's a personal shopper and wears his collars up. Oh wait, he took a boa with him. Yeah...

Eric -- He's another of the "old" ones. I'm afraid his attitude will get him booted eventually. Seems like he can probably be a little brash or overbearing, but we'll see. He also seems like he is desperate already to save all the guys. He just knows the old guys usually go quickly.

Howie -- He's a 34 year old meteorology student. He acts 20. And? The boy does not shut up!! His mouth is going all the time. I think the other house guests will either love him or hate him. Probably not much in between. He's the one, though, that will probably stay in the house for a long time because there will always be someone else making the other just that much more mad.

Ivette -- She is a lesbian but no one knows yet, so you know that will come into play eventually. I haven't gotten much of a vibe from her yet.

James -- This guy started lying from the beginning. I will bet he plays the game well. Problem is, his big lie, about what he does for a living kind of sucked. A 9th grade philosophy teacher? I like him, though, so far.

Janelle -- Nope. Don't like her.

Jennifer -- She's trying to hook up with someone already. Don't like her much.

Kaysar -- He's smart and could go far if he plays it right. (but, he was nominated this week.) As long as he doesn't keep pointing out his "differences" he should be fine.

Maggie -- I like her. She is picking up on things. She seems smart and could move in under the radar as long as she doesn't make anyone mad. From the looks of the previews, it looks like she may make friends with Eric the married firefighter.

Michael -- He's not on my nerves yet. I can't decide about him. He didn't really say or do much but look cute.

Rachel -- I like her now, but I see that she is playing the game and may get...annoying. She's head of household this week.

And finally, Sarah -- Who? I don't even remember her. Hmm..

I do hate the nomination ceremony. Just give the names and move on. We don't need a lame explanation as to why you did it. Just pass out the keys and commence with the sucking up.

One last thing. Why were they all jealous of the HOH room already? They'd been there for like..a day!

Oh, and I could totally eat PB&J for a week. No problem.

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  • At 10:27 PM, Blogger PresentStorm said…

    lol i am loving your lil run down of the characters ..You pretty much summed it up .My favs are Eric and Kaysar so far ..I am sure it will change as it plays out .I usually do end up changing my mind after a couple of episodes .We will see .

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