Friday, April 08, 2005
Just got the kids to bed. Guard girl is out shopping with my mom. Bubba-ump went to bed. (at 8:15!) I'm blogging and watching/listening to Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It wasn't critically acclaimed, but I love the movie. Of course the book was better. They always are. Every time I watch Ya-Ya, I think how great it would have been to have a circle of friends like that as a child. I had friends, don't get me wrong. But, it was usually one best friend that I did everything with and a few others. I always had lots of "school friends." You know, the ones you wrote notes to and talked to at school, but for some reason you just never did anything with them outside of school. My problem when I was younger that I would have 2 really good friends, but they wouldn't like each other. So, I couldn't do anything with them together, but each one individually. Drove me crazy. I am sad when I think of how I didn't keep up with my friends from high school. I got married and had a baby so young, it just seemed like I moved in such a different direction than my friends back then and my baby and husband just became my world. I think a lot about how different my life would have been had I made a few different choices back then. It's interesting to think about, but there isn't anything big I would change. I would still want the same husband and the same kids, I just might have waited a couple of years. Wow. How did I get from Ya-Ya to this?

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It was weigh day at work today. I lost 1.6lbs!! Again, I say, Yay me! 8.8 total so far. Not bad for 3 weeks. I need a big 5 pound loss though to keep me motivated. I need to dig out my weight watchers stuff. I've been saying that for a couple of weeks now. Staying motivated and not talking to myself in a negative way is so hard. On a daily basis I hear these things in my head..."it doesn't matter, go ahead and eat that. You're not going to lose the weight anyway. You'll never be thin again. You have too far to go, just give up. Everyone else is doing better than you. ONLY 1.6?" And so on. I have to stop that. Y over at Joy Unexpected (she's on my blogroll) wrote a post yesterday that I totally understand. I am harder on myself than anyone else ever thought of being.

I must make my American Idol comment for the week. America? Hello? Did we not have this discussion last week? Listen to me. Do. Not. Vote. For. Anthony. Federov. He must leave. I was happy that Scott stayed despite the hype over his record. (criminal, that is, not record as in CD) I was shocked that Vonzelle was in the bottom 3. I still predict it will Bo and Carrie in the end. However, if America keeps voting this way, Carrie might go next week! Please, oh, please, make Constantine stop trying to sexily (is that a word?) gaze into the camera as he sings. Creeps me out. What does anyone see in him? Thank god he bathed this week and he shaved within a 2 day period of the show. Next week had better be Anthony going home.

Who watched Lost on Wednesday? If you didn't and you don't want to know what happened, stop reading right now. :) First, I didn't really think Boone would die because it seemed too...easy. But he did. Oh! Just how far fetched was the whole blood transfusion thing? Good lord, I laughed out loud when they showed it actually working! Poor Boone. If he had lived, he wouldn't have lasted long with the MASSIVE INFECTION that would have developed from the sutures and wounds and blood transfusion! I was pleading with Jack not to cut Boone's leg off. I am so glad he didn't do it. But what is up with Jack's flashback? Is he still married? And didn't you think he was going to leave her at the altar? The more he talked, the more I thought he was going to bolt. But he stayed and they were married. So, what of the wife? I want more Jack flashback! Claire's baby was finally born. A boy with no name yet. I'll be interested to hear what she names it. If next week is a re-run I'll have to hunt down an ABC executive and hold him hostage and force him to watch Urkel re-runs until he hands over the new episode!

I'm off to watch a movie. We rented The Terminal, Garden State and Paparazzi. I am so well rounded, aren't I?
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  • At 11:40 PM, Blogger Tara Kekahuna said…

    At one of my weight watchers meetings our moderator (leader, whatever they call themselves this week) told us an important thing that I try to remember. Losing 1.6 lbs is just as important as losing 4 lbs or losing .4 lbs,, it may not seem that way,, but it's all important. If I have 50 lbs to lose it means just as much to me as someone who only has 8 lbs to lose. And by the way,, today was Weight Watcher Weigh in day,, I gained 1 lb. it's only one pound,, I've gained before and have my period so we'll see how next week goes. Good job, Ang!

  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger MommaK said…

    Yeah, I wasn't happy with the A.I. results either. Contestants get their fan clubs going and the results get skewed -like last year with Jasmine. Sweet girl with great talent - but #3??

    However, Survivor was great. I keep swearing that I'll stop watching if Stephanie gets voted off (idle threat). That eating the baby bird challenge was too much though...blah...

    Trolls, where??

  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger lauritajuanitasanchez said…

    1. Ya-Ya Sisterhood...too funny. I remember the anti-climatic feeling I had when the "big secret" from Sandra Bullock's past is that her mom went AWOL on the family for a couple of days. Shit...that was routine stuff in my family. My mom never actually took off. We might have been better off if she had. She just did nutso stuff like "go on strike" where she'd refuse to cook and do laundry until we appreciated her efforts...and explode with violence and anger once every couple of years.

    2. The weight. I've got about 50 lbs to lose. I like to say "Thank you" to babies and the onset of middle age. The last time I had this kind of weight to lose, I tried to look at it in terms of 10 pound increments. Seemed to help. That was after baby #1. Now, baby #2 is a year old and I still have that weight to lose. Damn.

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