Sunday, April 03, 2005
ABC meme
I got this one from The Little Hedgehog. there such a thing? Seems to be pretty "un-accented."
Bra Size: ew..I don't think I want to say, but it's a C cup right now, until I lose more weight.
Chore I hate: Dishes and cleaning the bathroom. Gross.
Dad's name: Jimmy (not James, and don't you forget it!)
Essential make-up: when I have time, foundation by Avon. eyeshadow and eyeliner by Avon, too. I'm cheap.
Favorite perfume: I STILL like Liz Claiborne. You know the one that comes in the triangle bottle, from the 80's. I don't still wear it, though. Curve for women.
Gold or Silver: I prefer silver except for my wedding ring and mother's ring.
Hometown: Muncie, IN
Interesting fact: um, I'm not interesting. I have a mole on the upper back side of my right ear that looks like a chocolate chip and that is what my mom always called it when I was little. See? Told you.
Job title: Senior Client Services Representative (in a medical lab)
Kids: 3--2 girls 1 boy Brianna, Braelyn and Jameson
Living arrangements: the whole fam damily in a rented house.
Mom's birthplace: Somewhere in Indiana, not sure the city
Number of apples eaten in last week: 1, it was red but not sure the exact kind
Overnight hospital stays: 3 c-sections
Phobia: heights, deep water, spiders, bees, public speaking
Question you ask yourself a lot: Why? about a lot of things.
Religious affiliation: Separate Baptist
Siblings: 2 older sisters Denise-43 and Lori-41
Time I wake up: between 6 and 7 am
Unnatural hair color: some sort of red color..just leftovers from the last coloring a long time ago
Vegetable I refuse to eat: spinach
Worst habit: eating and being lazy
X-rays: right arm, lungs, ultrasounds for 3 babies and a gall bladder
Yummy food I make: chili is the only thing I make well
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Fun stuff.
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  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Tara Kekahuna said…

    I absolutely LOVE Liz Clairborne perfume in the Plastic Triangle Bottle,, I don't have anymore or I would still wear it,, I have to buy more at Walmart,, I LOVE IT! See now I have to buy it,, it's like an eighties signature fragrance for us.

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