Saturday, April 02, 2005
I'm a Loser, baby
Weigh-in was yesterday at work. I lost 2.8 more pounds! Yay me! That is a total of 7.2 with last weeks 4.4. I haven't lost the most, but I really don't care if I win the contest. I just want to lose weight. Also, I have a deal with Bubba-ump, but if I tell you about it, then I have to admit to his gross, disgusting, filthy habit. Ok, our deal is this, if I lose 25 pounds, he will stop...ew...stop "dipping". You know, tobacco. You know, the nasty habit some guys have of sticking the tobacco in between their lips and gums. Yuck. I know. Believe me, I know all about it and I have begged and pleaded with him for years to stop. He has stopped a few times but starts up again. Back to the deal. For my losing 25 lbs he will stop doing it at home. For 50 pounds, he will stop for good!! So, not only do I want to lose for me, but I want to lose so I win the deal!!! :) There was more scale drama at work, too. See, the scales are in the mail room which was a change from our original weigh in station because we got complaints. There is a doorway that separates the mail room from one particular department in our building. Well, this department is well known for their..."snootiness" (my word) and anyway, they complained that the people weighing in were making so much noise that they could hear it through the door and they couldn't work. What the heck ever. So, I got spoken to by my supervisor and now we have to move the scales to the break room. I love office politics...if that is what you would call it.

Ok, who has heard the new song by Rob Thomas ? No, maybe the question should be who HASN'T heard it since it is on the radio, here anyway, every 2 minutes. I'm loving it. And have you seen the video?? I want him to have my babies. No, wait, that should say I want to have his babies. No, wait, I am NOT having anymore babies! :) Well, you get my drift. He is HOT! Go to the website and watch the video. Watch him shaking his hips and see the close ups. Mmm mmm mmm. (It's ok. Bubba-ump knows of my Rob lust.) I will admit that I like him with more hair than he has now, but still, that boy is FINE! By the way, I am not alone in my lusting...Tara over at Pineapple's Post beat me to talking about Rob. Give her a visit. She's cool like that.

Question. Am I the only person in the world who was not all "oooohhhh...ahhhh..." over The Incredibles? We bought it for Guard Girl for her state winning performance at the guard finals and so we all watched it one night. Me and Bubba-ump hadn't seen it yet and I was thinking it was going to be so great. I was bored. Didn't even watch the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, it was a clever story line and all, but...*yawn*. Is it against the law in these here parts to not like a Pixar movie? Was it a Pixar? I don't even know.

I want Gwen Stefani's legs and stomach.

I was in Lost and Desperate Housewives heaven this week. FINALLY we got out of the land of reruns and got to see new episodes of both! DH was great as usual. Gabrielle pushing the port-a-potty down the street to her back yard was just a priceless moment! And Lost. Wow. What an episode. When that light came on in that little window at the end. Goosebumps. And just how funny was the Sawyer story line?? He was so scared when Jack told him he was farsighted using the real medical term. (which I can not remember...and I even worked for an Ophthalmologist for goodness sake!) It was so funny.

I am so ticked off at Survivor this season! There is no reason for them to have let one team get down to 2 players!! Personally, I think Steph and Ibrihem should have voted off John Boy. Bobby John. He is a doofus. Sorry to any Bobby John fans.

The whole Scott Savol thing on American Idol is lame. I personally don't think misdemeanor (wait, was it a misdemeanor or a felony? I really should pay more attention) offenses should count against any contestant. What I mean is, why should the contestants past have any bearing on their singing abilities? Especially if they are not fugitives from the law and also if they paid their debt to society. But they don't ask me, now do they?

Ok, I must go, my house is a PIT!!
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  • At 10:17 PM, Blogger Tara Kekahuna said…

    Golly Gee Shucks,, you compliment me,, awww,, thanks Ang! And by the was I think we have so much in common due to being the same age,, growing up in the same 80's decade and all. And I am battling my bulge too. Have lost 15.6 pounds so far. I am counting points, are you on "the points" too? Ugh it's hard but WE CAN DO IT!

  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger lauritajuanitasanchez said…

    I'd love to have Gwen Stefani's body, too...but oh my God...have you ever heard her speak? The girl is an IDIOT. She was on Letterman the other night. I used to like her, now I'm totally turned off. Vapid, whiney, self-absorbed...just stupid. I'd rather have my aging, chunky body and my sharp mind than her hotness and borderline mental retardation.

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