Sunday, March 27, 2005
The winning performance
So, last Saturday was IHSGA Winter Guard Finals. It was a long day, but we had a lot of fun. The finals were at a high school south of Indy. Me, Bubba-ump, my niece H and Guard Girl's friend, W went. The whole thing started at 1pm and our guard didn't perform until 5:15 so we got to watch a whole lotta performances. It's a good thing I enjoy it! However, my big behind does not enjoy bleacher seats! Ouch! Later in the day, my sister, Nursey (H's mom) and my bro-in-law, K, and nephew, N, showed up to watch, too. I am convinced that everyone around us thought we were CRAZY because we raised such a ruckus when our guard's performance was over. We were hugging and screaming and crying and generally freaking out because it was the BEST and cleanest performance that they had done all season! And you thought sports parents were bad! :) Everyone around us from other schools were all saying that we had it won, even before they saw the remaining guards perform. Our camera didn't take very good pictures but the one below isn't so bad. GG isn't even in that pic. But scroll down a bit and you can see her after all was said and done and they were celebrating their gold medal victory. So, now you know why I call her Guard Girl. She is in the high school guard as an 8th grader and is very good at it. Already she has won 2 state championships, including the state marching band and guard competition last year for which she received(ok, we had to pay for)a state ring! If you are curious and want to see more photos of the competition, click here. By the way, their theme was "Interview With a Vampire" with music by Depeche Mode. The song was "One Caress." Hence the evil goth make-up.

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