Sunday, November 11, 2007
Trying not to obsess
I'm trying very hard not to obsess about the writer's strike going on and how it will affect my favorite shows. See, it's all about me and my pleasure, right?

I came across this site today that lists just about any show you can think of and either how many episodes they've produced or how many episodes there are left, or both.

I am particularly sad that Grey's only has 4 original episodes left and that there will be no more How I Met Your Mother after November. Production of The Office has shut down and this coming week just may be it for the season. Of course at this point, it doesn't much matter about Lost since what episodes they do have done, won't be airing until well after the first of the year. There are several other shows that I love which only have 3 to 6 episodes remaining.

Of course, and you should know this, the ONE show I am the most upset about ceasing production is Friday Night Lights. What the heck will I do without my weekly dose of Coach Taylor and his family, creepy and sweaty Buddy Garrity, Lyra (also known as Landry and Tyra), or the train wreck that is Tim Riggins and his trusty side-kick, Jason Street?? (which, by the way, WHEN did Tim start calling Jason, "Six?" Last season, I didn't hear that even once. Whatever.)

I guess once the new episodes stop, I'll be able to get caught up with what I've got on the DVR. :)

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posted by Angie @ 4:26 PM  
  • At 6:06 PM, Blogger aka_Monty said…

    Am I the only person in the world who doesn't watch Friday Night Lights? I should check it out--I DID love the movie! :)

    And oh yeah HELLO, MICHELE SENT ME! (although I'm here in Bloglines every day, lurking)

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