Thursday, October 04, 2007
My last post about the zoo. I promise.

Thirteen Things The Beaty's did/said/saw/heard/enjoyed at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Well, I haven't done a TT in a long time so I thought I'd jump in today. You know, mainly for blog filler.
Today, I will share with you 13 things we did/said/saw/heard/enjoyed at the zoo on Sunday.

1. Jameson and Braelyn didn't know where we were going Sunday morning. We pulled up to the booth where you pay to park and Braelyn said, "What are you doing, Daddy?" He said, "I have to pee." Braelyn said, "You have to PAY to go to the bathroom???"

2. A van completely covered in maroon-ish purple indoor/outdoor astroturf stuff was in the parking lot. I was beyond words. My daughter, however, filmed it. See my previous post to watch the 15 second video.

3. Someone taught Jameson to FREEZE when bees come around so they won't sting him. So, ALL DAY, in mid-sentence or mid-stride or even in mid-bite, he would freeze like a statue until we told him the bee was gone. The bees were out in full force, so you can imagine how many times a day this happened. Go ahead...imagine..and you'd probably still be way low.

4. The LOVELY group of red-neck adults who were behind me in the "desert" building. The ones who crowded me as I was trying to take pictures...the ones who got mad because they couldn't get right up to the meerkats area because there were several little kids standing there enjoying the animals. The same ones who had wonderful kid-friendly language. woman"Oh, come on. Let's get the hell out of this damn place. You're not going to make it up there to see them." man"The F*** I ain't!" It's a darn good thing MY children weren't standing there to hear that and more of their language or I would have said something.

5. Making Brianna laugh as she fed french fries to the birds flying around the food court. We decided that the birds all probably have high cholesterol and will most likely start having chest pains radiating into their left wings in mid-flight. We crack ourselves up, obviously.

6. Gazing at the pregnant-looking MALE sea-horses and thinking, "If only that happened in humans..." hee

7. Braelyn's pony she was riding having to stop mid-trip for a pee break. That cracked her up.

8. Bubba stopping in the middle of the "Plains" to 'brush' his teeth. You know with one of those things you slip on your finger. "Rip, slip, brush, AHHHH.." Remember the commercial? You can see the photo HERE.

9. Feeling like I didn't even SEE any animals because either they were asleep in a spot out of view, or Jameson was rushing us along. "Come on! Let's look at something ELSE!"

10. The really cool bonsai tree display at White River Gardens next door to the zoo.

11. Dippin' Dots.

12. Watching the transformation of Braelyn on the roller coaster from waving and smiling to sobbing after the first go round. See her pitiful face HERE.

13. Walking around and around and around and around and around and around and around....and around...the gift shop pleading with my children to PICK SOMETHING!!!

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posted by Angie @ 8:09 PM  
  • At 10:01 PM, Blogger WendyWings said…

    Sounds like a great day !!
    My blog is back after my umm break lol.
    Will be back soon :)

  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger Bloggers said…

    I am in Indiana and I love the indiana zoo. It is so much fun.

    Payton Manning is the best.

    my 13 is up on working at home mom.

  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Ok, I'm a week late and it's Wednesday, but I posted a Thursday Thirteen. You know where to find me. See ya.

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