Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Things on my nerves today and lately

The standing ovations for EVERYBODY on the American Music Awards tonight. I mean, the standing O kinda loses it's "special-ness" once they've given one to Chamillionaire(?!) as well as Frank Sinatra. Just sayin.

Friday Night Lights was not on.(see item above.)


How lately everything is "PHENOMENAL!" on tv and everywhere. People are using that word left and right when, really, is a salad phenomenal? Tasty, maybe. Appetizing, ok. Really effing good, alright. But phenomenal? Is that new top REALLY phenomenal? I'll give you pretty. Figure-flattering,even, but phenomenal? Come on. Reminds me of a couple of years ago when everybody on tv over used the word "amazing." Please, just stop.

Frickin' basketball season on tv. My husband will divorce me, but OH MY GOD Dickie V's voice is enough to make me gouge my eardrums out.

OJ Simpson.

All the flippin idiots who camped out waiting for the PS3 and/or were a part of the many stampedes across the country to get into the stores to try to get them. I barely have a life, but wow....GET A LIFE!

On another note, my girl Cristie mentioned how clean my refrigerator is...and I must say, that is ALL Bubba. So, big ups to Bubba and his fridge cleaning skills! Oh, and by the way, that photo in yesterday's post was a joke. Bubba and Brianna had been play fighting over her drinking all of "his" coke. I kinda didn't want everyone thinking we are THAT weird.

Oh, oh..did anyone see how GREAT Taylor Hicks looked on the AMAs?? Wow! and Yum!
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  • At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Stacy said…

    I had to laugh, because our marketing manager is constantly talking about how "phenomenal" his staff of first-level flunkies is...really? Phenomenal?

    And yes, Taylor looked great - cut the hair, slimmed down a bit...dare I say he was...wait for it...hot?

    And...Happy Thanksgiving!

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