Monday, November 13, 2006
In all seriousness
Last night I was strolling through my blog roll and as I was catching up with Cathy's posts at Domestic Psychology I was struck by a sentence in one of her posts. She had posted a photo of two of her friends, a married couple, whose blog names are AT and GAC. The last couple of sentences said this...

They spoke to each other without words. Now, he speaks for both of them. Please continue to show them love and support.

Though I don't know AT and GAC, I was compelled to click the link that Cathy provided. It led me to AT and GAC's blog, Atomic Tumor. There I found AT's account of his wife's sudden illness and all he's been going through in the past 12 days or so. I read and I read and I read as he wrote of first, her flu-like symptoms to her falling into a coma from some amazing yet unknown illness. It is heartbreaking. I read and I cried. I feel like I know GAC just from reading her husband's words of love and awe and pain and hope and faith and complete raw honesty. I can't explain it. You just need to read for yourself.

If you have the chance, visit AT and leave him a comment of support. In our infinite circle of blogs is strength.
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  • At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    I went and read two or three entries but didn't get to go back and read from the beginning of the illness to get a grip on what's been going on. I will try and read more tomorrow.

    I know it's little in way of support but there are many people out there that can help give him an outlet for the pain and stress he's going through. Cause bottling it up is just self destructive.

    Guess that's why I like my blog, I can just spout off about anything or nothing much at the same time.

    Blog love, Ang!!

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