Thursday, September 07, 2006
BB7 revisited's been WAAAAY too long since I live-blogged an episode of BB7. I don't care if no one but TARA reads it. I just feel like blogging me some Big Brother tonight! :)


First...OMG OMG OMG!! I was soooo happy that Janelle evicted Will on Tuesday! I loved me some Will, but he needed to go. Unfortunately, that left Boogie and Erika in the house. My hatred for Boogie is beyond measure. Seriously. If you don't watch the live feeds then you probably don't know even the half of how he really is. Now, on to the spoiler...we all know that Erika won the first leg of the HOH comp. But, if you don't watch feeds or read updates then you don't know who won the 2nd leg. That went to...Boogie. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Janie is destined for 3rd place again. Damn. So, since he won...Erika has suddenly flipped on her decision to take Janelle to the final 2 if she wins. Gag....I think Janelle is on her way out tonight. After that? The feeds will SUCK!!! Boogie and Erika 24/7 until Tuesday?? God..I would go blind and deaf.

Ok...almost time for the right back...

Show time!

And....we start with the re-caps as usual.

Let's see what Julie Chen is wearing tonight....Oh..a nice off the shoulder red..nice Julie. :)

Boogie's diary rooms about Will leaving..."I thought Will owned Janelle. I am totally flabbergasted." HA! I loved how upset he got. Gag me...he says mean things about Erika being a HO and saying that's all she was good for. What an ass.

As much as I don't want Erika to win, I want Boogie to win even LESS!!!
A replay of the volcano debacle. Boogie throws a tantrum in the house. A quiet one, anyway. He whines in the diary room. "I've never been in the BB house without Will before." Wah....cry me a river.

Can Boogie EVER speak without some sort of cliche coming out of his mouth??

Oh PUH-LEASE! The final phone call diary room. Boogie all alone ringing the phone and Will doesn't answer. Boo freakin Hoo. Sorry, I just can NOT feel sorry for him at all. Nope. Not at all.

Time for the 2nd leg of the HOH competition. There is a car hanging over the back yard for the comp. The winner wins the car. The competition is too complicated to explain..but it involves mirrors and laser beams..and being suspended from wires and having to drag themselves around a big set up...nevermind...

Boogie won of course. I already knew that but it is so much worse WATCHING it.

Julie talks to the three. She asks if they miss Will. Duh. Julie asks the worst questions. Then she asks why Erika and Boogie aren't sleeping in the same bed. Awkwardness (is that a word?) ensues. will be Will walking into sequester! :)

The sequester house waits for the next walks Will...they are surprised..Marcellas kisses him on the cheek. Howie is thrilled. Marcellas says it is sweet victory. George just acts sad and disappointed. They watch the tape of the house. James and Danielle say Janelle was just trying to get jury votes. I think Danielle respects Janelle. Will gives Janie credit. "They spanked my ass, both cheeks, and they're still red." Funny.

James...bitter much??

Janelle is so gone tonight...I am so we go with the final leg of the competition.

They have to answer questions about things the sequester people have said...

1st question--both right.
2nd q--both right
3rd q--boogie right erika wrong
4th q--both wrong
5th q--both right
6th q--both right

Boogie wins. SUCK!!

Boogies says he adores both..aligned with both at times...blah blah...not here for vengence...too good..I love you, but I have to evict you. Janelle.

Julie asks what Janelle's feelings for Will are. She won't say.

Boogies bull crap message to Janelle. Blah blah blah... Erika's was even worse. GAG!!

Worst final two ever...well, ok, AFTER Maggie and Ivette from last year.

God..the feeds are gonna SUUUUCCCCKKKK...

Ok, I am so bummed..I'm done for now. Until the finale....
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  • At 5:15 PM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Another year of a great season followed by a pathetic loser.

    I'd have to say this is worse than Maggot winning....

    Scarica or Booger?

    Who cares?!?

  • At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    See, I guess I must be jaded cause I actually like CTown. I do think that Boogie is totally playing Erika and I am very happy about it,, I was worrying that he really had feelings for her. But considering he called her "scrubica" in his message to Jani. I do hope he wins cause if Erika does then that's just ridiculous.
    James seems VERY bitter,, guess he's voting for Erika huh?

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