Sunday, August 28, 2005
Can't Fight This Feeling
Prom 1989...Can't Fight This Feeling was the theme. (I think. Or it was one of those other REO Speedwagon songs.)

Wasn't I a hot babe?? hee hee Big gloves...dyed red, satin shoes...tanning bed tan...heavy make-up! Ya gotta love that look! Check out that enormous picture of a tiger on the wall. My mom used to collect all things tigers. Thank GOD she stopped that!! There's GOLD carpet, too. Lovely.

This one is a little dark, but I can't find the others. What a couple, eh? Can you tell I am standing on my tip toes trying not to let my heels sink down in the dirt and grass? In this scan, it also looks like I have major farmer tan on my arm! Seriously, it wasn't really like that! :)
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