Saturday, April 23, 2005
Saturday stuff
Took the two youngest for haircuts this morning. Tater Tot went first and got about 5 inches cut off. She looks really cute. It cut off the blondest part of her hair and now it looks quite a bit darker than before. Most of her curls are gone, too. But her hair has so much body, it just bounces. I wish mine looked like that! Bubby took a little more coercing to sit still, but he did well considering. He just looks so grown when he has his hair cut. He's still my baby, though.

Took Guard Girl to Dot's to get a new outfit for my cousin's wedding next week. While she was in that store we took the other two to Big Lots to get a new toy with money from Grandma for "being good while they got their hair cut." Bubby got a firetruck and an ambulance and Tater got a Barbie and a set of glamour stuff like a hair dryer, mirror, pretend eyeshadow, etc that comes in a little purse and has the Disney princesses on it. Of course they wanted everything they saw.

Yesterday was weigh-day at work. I stayed exactly the same. Bummer. Though I am happy that I didn't gain, it is still discouraging to not lose. This weight loss thing is way too hard! There should be an easier way, don't you think?

Something triggered my allergies today something awful! And, it is only 30 degrees outside! That doesn't seem right somehow. Allergies in cold weather.

We watched Ladder 49 last night. I thought it was pretty good. A little slow, but Joaquin Pheonix is great. And, of course I cried at the end. I always cry at movies.

Sorry for this boring post, I just wanted to post something so you all didn't have to look at my senior picture every time you happened by.
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  • At 7:26 PM, Blogger annie said…

    Ha-ha! I was looking at your Senior picture, So very late 80's early 90's;
    big hair, big colorful sweaters and big earrings. Huh, everything big but the skinny leggings and miniskirts!

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