Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Don't cry for me, American Idol
Time for the top 6 to sing songs of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

The Top 6 look great as they are introduced by Ryan. Brooke's in a maxi-dress. Carly is dressed 60s-ish. I hope this is a good night!!

Paula's hair is pretty awful and Simon is in a charcoal gray sweater with...wait for it..the sleeves pushed up! Imagine!

I'm really not into a big full post tonight. I'll give you a short run down.

I have finally completely decided that I can not stand Randy or Paula.

Andrew Lloyd Weber was an awesome mentor.

Syesha had a good night. I still think she is generic and her big notes screech, but a good night for her.

Jason, my love. I've now listened to it several times and while not his best, it was still good. It's the eyes. I think Debbie Gibson said it best when she said, "I get lost, in your eyes..." Of course that was back before Jason was even a gleam in his mother's eye, but we shan't speak of that...

Moving on..

..to Brooke. Ah, the fair and lovely Brooke. Yes, she had to stop and restart. Who cares?? This is not "Be Perfect Idol." Her voice sounded great and I don't think a simple mess up should kill her chances of moving on. Paula acted like Brooke should go slit her wrists or something. Simon, at least, said Brooke did the right thing. That is why I love me some Simon.

Archie has an beautiful voice but good lord the kid picks the most boring songs in the history of the universe. I love him, though! Such a cutie.

Finally, Carly let loose and had some fun. While I still don't love her voice, I kinda liked this performance. She still kind of yells her big notes, but she looked great and showed some real personality for a change.

Cookie sounded really good, except for that first "big" note. I was kind of glad he didn't rock out. It was a nice, pleasant song.

Nobody really blew me away tonight. I'm not sure what I think. The bottom could really be anyone at this point. I really don't care to even guess. I would really love for Brooke and Jason to stay, though. Otherwise...whatever.

As always, screen caps are courtesy of my wonderfully stupendous and awesome friend, SLIM.
posted by Angie @ 7:51 PM  
  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous DJSlim said…

    Nice Jason Pic :)

  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Now you've let your emotions get in the way. Let the Drillah clear this up for you. Dreadlock Boy was a mess tonight and Randy was being kind, calling it a trainwreck. He is proof positive that your other love MJ left way too soon in this competition. In fact, I would volunteer to drive him to LAX tomorrow night.
    Brooke is about to self destruct on stage. She's had three less than stellar weeks now and she could be in real danger tomorrow night. I like Brooke, and would buy her CD, but I think she has run her race and it's about over.

  • At 12:54 AM, Blogger BeckEye said…

    Paula....urrrrghhhhhh. Can I please just take her place already? Would anyone miss her??

  • At 4:39 AM, Blogger Angie said…

    Drillah, I've listened to them multiple times now. You will not convince me. The only thing I agree with is that Michael left too soon.

    Beck, would you, please??? Paula needs to be gone. We're done with her. Shoo, shoo.

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger Jose said…

    Angie, oh fairly Godmother, Jason and Brook staying is proof to me that the votes have to be rigged. lol Being Latino I am kind of happy we had a Hernandez, Mercado, Catro, Archuleta, in the contest. It was nice to see the Latino influence but Jason is still alive only by the grace of those that vote for him because "he is cute". No matter, it will be a David vs. David battle and guess what David is going to win, mark my words. lol Now, am I the only fool that like Paula. No matter, she is entertaining to me, I can't see AI without her.

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