Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Idol "PEAKS" with Dolly Parton week
It's time for the Top 9 to sing...Dolly Parton? Seriously, who plans these things??

Ryan tries a lame April Fool's joke and we get right to talk of Dolly and then singing.
First up is...

Brooke White--"Jolene" I just love Brooke's voice! She played her guitar and sat on a stool and had a fiddle player, "box drum" guy and one back-up singer. I loved the whole thing even though I don't think it was her best ever. Simon didn't get it. I usually agree with Simon, but not this time. I am totally ready to buy a Brooke White CD! 8 of 10

David C-- "Little Sparrow" A MUCH needed hair cut/style change. Thank you stylists! Well, I definitely don't like his highest notes, but it was good. I do like his voice even if I don't care a whole heck of a lot for him. I still wouldn't ever vote for him. 7 1/2 of 10

Ramiele-- "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" Ick. I didn't like it at all. She was off key, too low, all over the place. Plus? What the heck with the high-waisted stuff she wears? 4 of 10

Jason-- "Travelin' Through" There are no words. I love his guitar. I love his voice. I LOVE Jason. Period. The end. Amen. 8 of 10

Carly-- "Here You Come Again" She is just too Celine for me. I've said it before, I know she can sing, but I'm not into her voice. Bad pants. Flat hair. Smokey eyes. Eh. 7 of 10

Archie-- "Smokey Mountain Memories" The kid is great. Enough said. 8 of 10

Kristy-- "Coat of Many Colors" This is one of my favorite songs from when I was little. I HATE that Kristy did this song. I hate it even more that she didn't do it justice. I didn't like it. 6 of 10

Syesha-- "I Will Always Love You" I positively LOATHE this song. LOATHE. I used to like Dolly's version back in the day. And then Whitney ruined it. Forever. Why, why, why did she choose this song? She did ok with it, but I can't get past my hatred for this song. 6 1/2 of 10

Michael-- Um. Yes, please. I can not tell you how much I freakin' LOVED Michael, tonight. LOVED. He is walking sexy. Tonight, he OOZED sexy. I would so listen to a Michael Johns CD until it broke. Or, until the MP3 broke. Whatever. My Michael Johns OBSESSION has now increased ten-fold. It has WELL surpassed my Jason Castro obsession. (I still swoon over you Jason, don't worry!) I can't wait for the studio version. Did I mention that I freakin' LOVED Michael tonight? 'Cause I did. 9 of 10

I am pretty happy with how the night went. I was afraid it would be a train wreck. There were a few really goods and some ehs and a couple of BLECHs, but that is pretty much every week.

My bottom 3: Ramiele, Kristy and Syesha (because I HATE that song!)
My TOP 3: Michael (call me!), Brooke and Jason

All caps courtesy of my boy, SLIM.

Until tomorrow...Angie, out.
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  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Well, you know that I agree with you. Ramiele has to go after tonight. She was the worst tonight, in a class all by herself.
    Syesha was better than I anticipated, but she is on a real short leash.
    I really liked Michael Johns blues arrangement. I think we're going to hear from several of these folks after the season is over. This is shaping up to be a season 5 sequal, when five or six of the contestants have successful careers after Idol.

  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger BeckEye said…

    I would play with Michael Johns until he broke. Just saying.

    Oh, and I saw him first.

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