Thursday, November 02, 2006
A Halloween Story--People Who Should Not Be Parents Edition
While out and about with the darling kiddies Tuesday night, trick or treating of course, we were lucky enough to witness a wonderful instance of parenting. Our lives will never be the same.

A few steps ahead of us was a family of trick or treaters. Mom, Dad, kids and some other adult. It soon became apparent that the 7 or 8 year old girl didn't want to wear her mask. How did I know this? Well, Daddy was telling her over and over, rather loudly, that he was not letting her go to any more houses until she put her mask on. The girl started to cry. The dad was adamant. "NO! I am not taking you up to that house until you put your mask on!" She kept crying. I think she said, I don't want to wear it. The rest of her group moved on and continued to trick or treat. The girl cried louder. the dad yelled louder. They all walked away from her and she ran screaming after them. Fun stuff.

After managing to get my kids to stop staring at the display, we got a little distance between us and that group. Oh, but, it gets better. See, that initial encounter wasn't THAT bad. I just kept thinking, 'good job ruining your daughter's memories of Halloween and trick or treating.'

As we moved down the street, we ran into the same group again. The little girl is still crying/shrieking and now the mom (or grandma, we couldn't tell) and the dad are saying this..."Put your G**D*** mask on..." and "Shut your G**D*** mouth or I'll just take your G**D*** ass home...." etc... All the while the dad is making it seem like this is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. Lovely. It was uncomfortable for everyone around. They were just making it worse for the little girl. In my opinion, what they should have done was, if the mask was such a big deal and she refused to put it on, then they should have taken her home/to their car and there would end the trick or treating.

That little girl has no chance. I am so sad for her.

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW kids are frustrating at times and heck..even embarrassing in their tantrums. Making it worse by cursing like that at a child is just ridiculous. I don't claim to be a perfect parent. I'm far from perfect in any way shape or form, but I know that humiliating a child in such a way is just wrong.

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