Friday, November 03, 2006
and then my heart exploded...yet again
Baby J and I were walking up to the school a few days ago to pick up the Tater and he said, "Braelyn is the best sister ever. Next time she wants my big truck I will let her have it."

This is a super old photo, but I just love it. They've been together every day since Baby J came home from the hospital. They fight like cats and dogs, but what he said was just so sweet. I hope they are close forever.

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  • At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Cristie said…

    That is just way too cute. The photo and him saying that, he must really miss her. Bless his heart. Here is how sweet my kids are: I found Noahs notebook and he had written, for his daily journal for 2nd grade. "I hat bruthers. I will chok and kill my bruther one day. I hat dads. They are just lik bruthers. I hat and wud lik to kill them." My middle child is apparently has an evil side. Wonder what his teacher said about that? I expect a visit from Child Services anyday.

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