Wednesday, September 03, 2008
I like her

I don't listen to political speeches. Ever. I listened to Sarah Palin speak tonight. I like her. A lot. She speaks well, is confident and smart and is not backing down from the meanie pants naysayers!

Plus, she's beautiful, has beautiful kids and a hot husband. (See? I am so in tune with what matters most!)

I just saw a "Breaking News" thing and it said, "Obama's camp says Palin's speech was written by Pres Bush's writers!"

Um, and? That's breaking news?

Now, I'm done until election day. Amen.
posted by Angie @ 11:35 PM  
  • At 4:33 AM, Blogger Retarius said…

    I think she's cute, being overly made-up by the "minders".

    Maybe if ole John keels over she'll life-imitate Gina Davis' art-effort in "Commander in Chief".

    I like this blog - I'm going to vote for it in the battle!

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