Friday, August 29, 2008
Oh no she DI'NT!
So, it's Friday and with Friday comes laziness and weekend celebration.

McDonald's for dinner!

The little kids and I piled in the van and headed on over to the golden arches to wait in line at the drive-thru. There were only a couple of cars ahead of me and as we inched closer, I would be next at the speaker. Apparently, I didn't inch fast enough and let my drive-thru guard down and this car appears from the back entrance to McDonald's and slides her car nose in front of me at a strange awkward angle.

Oh NO she DI'NT!

Lady, don't get between me and my hot McDonald's french fries on a Friday night!!

The driver and passenger looked at each other and just died laughing.

Now let me just say right now that I am a generally passive person. I'm patient and very willing to let the other car go first at a 4 way stop or while trying to get out of the school parking lot, etc. However, I was NOT in the mood! Had she pulled up and made any indication to ASK if she could go in front of me, well, I would have been nice and let her in. Ya know, I would have given her 'the nod' or 'the wave.' But, oh no! So I was ready to THROW DOWN right there in the parking lot!

It's a dang good thing I had my kids with me! She's lucky!

So, I made some exaggerated laughing face and said some stupid words like "rude" and "funny" so she could read my lips. As if she cared. She was probably about 22 or 23 as was her passenger. But the kicker was her baby standing up in the back seat! The little girl was probably about 18 months old and was standing! So, I'm saying stuff like "put your baby in it's car seat" as if she can hear me, because, don't mess with me! I'm a rebel! And I wasn't in the mood!

So, of course I inched as close to her car as I could as she straightened out and got to the speaker to literally scream her order. I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard her. I continued to just stare menacingly at her through her rearview mirror and side mirror all the way through the line.

When she got to the food window, she waved at the kid inside no less than 2 times to get more dipping sauce or ketchup or whatever and she didn't even look at me again before she drove off! Psh. Whatever.

In case you can't quite picture how it all went down, just check this out!

Click to see it bigger.
The ACTUAL McDonald's where the 'altercation' took place!

Aren't visual aids fun??

Moral of the story? Don't mess with a big girl and her fries!
posted by Angie @ 9:37 PM  
  • At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Tara said…

    LOVE the visual aide!! I would have done exactly the same thing. don't mess with me and the McD fries.. no sir!

  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger blankshooting said…

    i must say, the visual aid was the clincher in this story. love it!

  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said…

    Great visual aide and story!

  • At 6:21 PM, Blogger Amy, aka ABB said…

    Guess you weren't too mad or you could have done the ultimate - called the cops to report a young driver with an unrestrained baby in the car. Oh yeah, now that would have been GREAT!!

    "Oh officer, come quick to the McDonald's at ...., There's a car with a baby standing up in the back seat, and OMG, the driver is braking, oh the baby fell, hurry, officer!!"

  • At 12:12 AM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    What you needed was an '87 Suburban with a 12" lift kit and 34" tires. Put a brush guard on it and NO ONE will attempt to pull in front of you....ever!

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