Monday, April 24, 2006
Monday morsels of melodious murmurings
I was completely uninspired to blog this weekend, as you all could tell from my one post of flower photos. I kept signing on to my dashboard and staring at a blank screen. Inspiration nada. I have some stuff in my drafts that I could have worked on, however, I wasn't even inspired to be that lazy.

Friday night, I finally got to go over yonder to the new Wal-marts in town. Seriously, it is so nice I want to buy one of everything in the store even if it IS the same stuff at the other wal-mart in town. But, this stuff is a mere 3 minutes from my house!! THAT? Makes it wondrous and new and unique..even if it isn't.

We DID manage to clean out the shoe department buy shoes for Baby J and the Tot. They each got tennis shoes (does anyone else still call them tennis shoes?) for the summer, plus a pair of decent sandals for casual we-are-bathed-and-ready-to-go-someplace attire. Tot actually got 2 pair of those and then they each got a cheapo pair of flip-flops/sandals for the throw-your-shoes-on-kids-we-gotta-run-to-the-walmart times. My children's feet are now well covered. On top of that? They each got a new outfit. Spoiled brats. ;)

I managed to NOT buy myself one ding dang thing. Maybe next time.

Saturday, I actually spent the day outside watching the kids play with the neighbor kids. I've come to the conclusion that when my children's knees are actually hitting their chests as they ride their's time for new bikes. Anyone want to send cash? Oh, wait, I COULD return some of their footwear for cash to get them bikes.

Anyway, it was super nice out Saturday and the kids were pooped out by evening. Guard Girl worked two different shifts at her job on Saturday and then volunteered for a shift on Sunday. The thought of a bigger check appealed to her greatly. By the way, she has the same job this year that she did last year. She works in the concession stand at the softball complex where her daddy umpires. It is run by Dairy Queen so she actually works for them.

Sunday was a boring day spent messing around on the computer and watching nothing all day.

See why I was uninspired?? Of course for no inspiration, I managed to say plenty today, huh?

PS I am fat and I hate the clothes I have on today AND my hair is a frizzy yucky mess. HAPPY MONDAY!
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  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger PresentStorm said…

    Girl you are gonna have to learn to love the skin you are in before you will see results !! Trust me been there done that still going through it.

    oh and yes I still call them tennis shoes! ;)

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