Tuesday, April 11, 2006
If it's Tuesday, it must be Idol
You know you are pathetic and addicted to Idol when you kick your daughter off the computer so you can live blog. Do you know anyone who would do that?? Neither do I, but MAN would that be pathetic!

Guard Girl is watching rapt...she LOVES Queen.

Bucky starts things off with "Fat Bottomed Girls." Ok, I am just not a Bucky fan. This rendition sounds like a church song that I can't quite place. It sounded like gravelly whispering to me. It was ok as Bucky goes. I give him 19/25.

**Guard Girl says**
You get a 2-for-1 tonight...You get graced by reading something that I typed...Every Commercial.....You get ME!I heart Queen! Alot! Bucky....Well he did "Fat Bottomed Girls" okay. But..Nothing can top my good 'ol Freddie Mercury...

Ace sings "We Will Rock You." Ace THINKS he's a rocker, but he just isn't. This is not a singer's song. Again, it was just ok. AND? He was doing my LEAST favorite thing for a wannabe rocker (see Constantine last year) carrying around the freaking mic stand!(He still has BAD hair.)I give him 17/25.

Kellie sings "Bohemian Rhapsody." Oh please...HELP ME! Kellie trying to be some kind of vixen. Whatever. She is NOT a rocker either. Eh. Once again, just ok. I give her 18/25.

Chris sings "Innuendo." A song I don't know, but he rocks it. Look at that eyeliner..you go boy! :) If I hear ONE SINGLE PERSON say he is back to the exact same thing can kiss my big toe! He was awesome!! I completely disagree when Simon said it was bad and indulgent. I give him 23/25.

**Guard Girl says** Ace...um No. Dude. No. Kellie so ruined that freaking song.....Chris...is hot. Um he did pretty good...Let us chat.... I can tell the future/read minds.....Okay...Just answer my question....Have you ever...or do you have a grandfather....(Answer now...................) Thank You...I am finished! I am good...You know I am. Don't ya LOVE ME!? (yeah, I don't know what the heck she is talking about, either.)

Katharine sings "Who Wants To Live Forever." Why did she pick a slow song, Kat?? I love you, girl, but if you bore the audience, they vote you out! Not the greatest song choice, but dang, that girl has a great voice! She looks gorgeous, too, as usual. I give her 22/25.

Elliott sings "Somebody To Love." What?? He'd never heard the song before?? Wow! I really, really, really WANT to like Elliott more than I do, but I just can't. I don't know what it is. Anyway, he did ok with this song, seems like his timing is off in several places. It was good, though. I give him 20/25.

Taylor sings "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Oh my gosh, too funny! He tried to kick the mic stand over and it took two kicks! :) Taylor is totally BACK!! Dancing and singing like Taylor does!! Awesome!! I give him 23/25.

Paris sings "The Show Must Go On." She looks like Kellie, only black. Same hair, same boots, same black clothes. Interesting. She is too young for the vamp look. The band is drowning her out somewhat. She did very well in spots, and in others just ok. I give her 19/25.

By the way, Guard Girl got bored and left to go outside and spin her flag so there was no more commentary from her after Chris.

My Top 3:Chris, Taylor, Katharine
My Bottom 3:Ace, Bucky, Kellie
Who I want to go home:Ace or Bucky
Who will go home:Ace (but Bucky SHOULD go first!)

By the way, I base my choices on performances up to and including tonight. Ace and Bucky should go because they consistantly suck. Chris, Taylor and Katharine should stay because they are consistantly good. AND? Mandisa should still be there!
posted by Angie @ 8:00 PM  
  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    WOW, Simon liked Kellie,, holy mother of god it's a miracle. I really thought the middle of that was a bit messy.

    By the way,, not a crazy Queen fan,, but quite honestly can any of these people do them justice,,, think not.

  • At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    I didn't know the song so I will take everyone elses opinion on Chris's take on it.

    I do kind of agree with Simon though I would have loved to see Chris sing a song I knew.

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