Sunday, August 14, 2005
I survived the heat at the State Fair and all I got was this lousy blog post
Hey, guys! I've had a ton of things running around in my head to post about but I have just been too tired. (that's why the eye candy in my last post.)

Ok, let's recap what's been going on here in my world.

The State Fair band contest was Wednesday. "Our" band was slated to perform at 1:22pm but we went early because some of the really good bands that we have rivalry with were performing early. The whole thing started at 10am so we got there in time to see the start of the show. OH. MY. GOD. It was HOT! As in temperature. In the upper 90's with at LEAST 95% humidity. I spent the day fanning myself, pulling my sweaty t-shirt away from my sweaty, stinky body and drinking water. Lukewarm water because it was so hot that the water didn't stay cold for more than 5 minutes. When we first arrived and found our wouldn't believe the suckage of said seats. Way off to the right and down at the bottom of the grandstand. Couldn't see a damn thing. I was about to cry because I knew I wouldn't get any good pictures or video. (yes, I am pathetic.) So we grumbled and complained a while, as did the other people in our section. Bubba finally decided to go to the box office and buy new seats up higher or whatever they had. He came back and they had just exchanged them! Yay! So we got to sit higher. It wasn't on the 50 yard line, but a little closer to middle. Much better view. This picture isn't that great because my digital camera is kind of sucky, but you get the idea of how crowded it was. That is our band lined up the farthest away. You can see part of the midway of the fair in the background, too.

click 'er to big 'er

Here is a rundown of some of the other fun times at State Fair Band Day....

~pouring rain causing an hour delay in the show.
~a couple in the row behind us who brought their 18-24 month old child and expected it to sit still and quiet at a band contest in the blazing heat!! idiots!
~later, a lady sitting behind us yelling at her 3-4 year old child to be quiet and sit down then proceeded to put the child on time out! This only made the poor hot, tired, bored child to scream louder. Idiot #2.
~me falling asleep sitting up DURING a band's performance because I hadn't had any sleep.
~Bubba making a new best friend of the Canadian lady(who was probably old enough to be his grandma, almost) sitting behind us. It was really scary the things they had in common...sprint car racing, baseball, etc etc..
~being totally embarrassed by some of our own fans and vowing never to sit with them again!
~watching my fingers swell from the heat
~injuring my throat from screaming like a maniac for our band.
~almost running out of video tape before the final awards were announced. The other two tapes I took that I thought were blank...nope.
~almost BARFING before our morning performance, before morning awards, before our evening performance, and before night awards. I get THAT nervous.
~wanting to fling my camera at the people with the frickin' AIR HORNS! Jeez..eardrums, people!
~calling Guard Girl on her cell phone 50 times.
~calling Guard Girl while the band/guard was at Joe's Crab Shack during morning awards and giving her play by play results
~riding the trolley around the grounds watching people.
~listening to Bubba throwing up outside the van on the way home...I had to drive the rest of the way home

That is all I can think of for now. As if that isn't enough! :)

Our band got 2nd place out of 42 bands, by the way. And? Our Guard won the Guard Caption which means they were the best guard! Woo hoo! Have I mentioned I have a daughter in the guard? ;)

I have much more to talk about that is NOT band/guard related but, it'll have to wait.
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  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger -xtessa- said…


    and LOL on the old Canadian lady!

  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Kiki said…

    Woo hoo! That's great! The part about it being so hot and the barfing - not so great. I hate sitting outside when it's hot like that.

  • At 5:31 PM, Blogger Cristie said…

    Lots and Lots of Congrats!!

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