Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Top 16- Ladies sing the 80s
My computer had a meltdown, so I didn't get to live blog the show tonight. No pretty pictures tonight, but that's ok. I was kind of bored out of my mind for a big part of the show. A few stood out, though. Here are my thoughts...

Asiah--I seriously hate Whitney Houston songs, but I love Asia'h! She is just so cute and peppy. She sounded SO much better this week! It was such a fun performance. Aside from her sounding as if she needs to hock a loogie sometimes, I love Asia'h's voice. She didn't crack on any of the notes and that's a good thing. She seemed a tad strained a couple of times, but nothing horrible. 7 of 10

Kady--What the HECK was that song? Ugh. She was flat then all over the place. She was completely emotionless. She managed to hit some notes, so that's a plus. 4 1/2 of 10

Amanda--I am SO over her. Time to go home. She probably won't now, though, because Simon liked her. I did not. I will say that she was better tonight than that catastrophe last week! She bounces too much and that makes her voice bounce. This song sounded exactly the same as all previous ones, only slightly better. (ha ha..exactly the same but better. I make so much sense!) She was dressed better tonight and her hair was not of the Cruella De Ville style, thank goodness. 5 of 10

Carly--Ok, her song was more of the Celine version than Cyndi Lauper, so that was so not the 80s. Aside from that, it sounded GREAT. I still don't think she is as good as she's been pimped to us, but girl has pipes. And? Her hair wasn't flat. Yay! 8 of 10

Kristy Lee--I LOVE Journey. I do not love Kristy. Too much vibrato. Too country. Too boring. At least she wasn't doing that squat thing like last week. 6 of 10

Ramiele--Man was it ever boring to watch her. She was another no-personality singer tonight. Quite devoid of all emotion. I re-listened to her and it was good vocally, but just boring and forgettable, as I think Simon said. It's one of the judges' favorite words, you know. 6 1/2 of 10

Brooke--LOVED her! She is so unassuming and pure. <<--oh, look at me trying to be all music critic. I just LOVED her take on "Love is a Battlefield." She softened it up and didn't rock it out. It's a favorite song of mine and she did it justice for sure. I already downloaded her version. (my good friend, Slim emailed it to me. Thanks, Slim! Love ya!) I decided tonight that I am just more mellow as I age. I think that is why I really like Brooke and Jason Castro this year. Anyway, Brooke is my favorite of the night. I even voted for her. I hadn't voted yet this year until now. She is SO lucky to have me as a fan! hee Anyway... 8 1/2 maybe 9 of 10.

Syesha--Another ding dang dong Whitney song, but, she did a great job. She has such a gorgeous smile. What sucks is that they were so short on time, the judges barely said anything about her. That may hurt her. 7 1/2 of 10

So...I think there will be surprises tomorrow night.

My top 3: Brooke, Carly and Asia'h
My bottom 3: Kady, Amanda and Kristy Lee

Until tomorrow night...
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  • At 12:45 AM, Blogger Cristie said…

    I totally agree. I watched Idol tonight for the first time this season, and I even voted! For Brooke, she was the best ever!! I agree with you about Kristy Lee Cook too, to much vibrato, but I thinks shes got good hair. Anyway. Thought I would share my Idol experience, I watched it with my Dad, Mom, kids, sister, brother, sis-in-law, while eating pizza, we ended up arguing over the singers and the pizza. We will never change.

  • At 7:53 AM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    I am certain that Kady has sung her last song on Idol. I would like to see Amanda leave as well, but I really have no idea who the second girl leaving is going to be.
    I do think Luke and David H. are the guys that are headed home tonight.

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